We create websites with Personality!

We create websites with Personality!


I was speaking recently at the Boca Raton Hotel, and one of the conference attendees said that most websites and blogs have deadly boring personalities. She said yours don’t!

It was a flattering remark, and I knew what she meant. The websites we create have something unique about them. Your eyes don’t glaze over when you see them, whether it is
for a dry cleaner or for an association, I think that:

Websites should be interesting:

1. They should look unique, have character, do something different than your competitors’ do.

2. Your “Stand out” benefit should show. If you’re the drycleaner that can get the ink off my linen jacket. Then maybe that should be featured in a museum.


3. You should ask for visitors’ email addresses, and give them something Free for it.

4. Your website brand should be the same as the one in your store, in your catalog…everywhere, so people remember it.

5. On this website, the dry cleaner is on a busy street, but you can always spot her truck with her Apthorp Cleaners brand on it…in all the traffic.

Continue the conversation with you visitors with a great e-newsletter or Tip of the Month…and remember to thank them at holiday time, birthdays, and odd holidays.

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2 Responses

  1. As a marketing professional, just wanted to say that is one awesome website. The combo of helpful info, simple design and dare I say it, non-pretentious artistic creativity and use of words, makes a strong statement that Apthorp Cleaners cares about its customers. And that’s what it is all about.

    I have tried to do that on my company’s website but not as well.

    All the Best,
    Jonathan Ruttenberg
    Co-Founder, LaptopsAnytime
    c: 614.579.3053
    twitter: @laptopsanytime

  2. Great headline. If your cookie has a bite-sized action and your reader completes the action, I think two things happen. Their self-confidence goes up (which feels good) and their trust in you increases.