The Power of Handwritten Notes

The Power of Handwritten Notes

Growing up, my friends and I played with dolls, action figures, jump rope, hopscotch, and played video games like Super Mario Brothers.

Now, it seems like even toddlers are walking around with cell phones and iPads. My niece, Yanelly (5 years old), knows how to get on the Internet and logon to She can fully navigate the website by herself! She even knows how to stream her favorite shows and movies on a PS3 game console through Netflix. She taught me how to do that last week.

She doesn’t even know how to write her name, let alone read. Kids are learning to type before they even learn how to write.

I couldn’t help but think about how people rarely hand write things any more. Are handwritten notes and papers going to be a thing of the past?

Don’t get me wrong; I type everything, too (I’m obviously not handwriting this post). But to me, there is nothing like getting a heartfelt handwritten note.

There is a power in handwritten notes. Will it die off eventually?

I sat in my room the other night and pulled out my “memory box”, where I keep all of my mementos, notes, cards, pictures, etc.

Any note or card that anyone has ever sent me, I keep in that box (except ones from ex-boyfriends). The way I look at it, if someone takes the time to sit down and write their sentiments, they really care about me. That means a whole lot more than a Tweet or Facebook Post will ever mean to me.

Think about it this way, what would mean more… a handwritten love note or a love email? That doesn’t sound romantic does it? If Grandma sent you an email on your birthday, instead of your annual card, would it mean as much? My parents have been married for 28 years and my mom still has all the love notes that my father has ever written to her.

When it comes to a Direct Mail campaign keep these things in mind. I’m all for instant communication, but I think we shouldn’t forget the power of a handwritten note and the impact that it makes.

Nordstrom and Christian Dior are masters at this! Their Sales Associates send their customers a handwritten thank you note after every purchase. Now, that’s a great relationship builder.

A handwritten note tells the person that they’re on your mind and that you value the relationship. Sending a “We Want You Back” note to reactivate an old client, or handwriting a P.S. on a letter, can make a world of difference in you direct mail campaign.

If handwritten letters are not an option (i.e. if you’re sending 10,000 mailers), then consider making your program personable. Don’t get personable confused with personalized. Adding someone’s name to a letter is personalization– the typical thing to do. Personable means making the letter sound human, like a friend is talking to you.

So the next time you start typing away a note, think about how much more it would mean if it was handwritten in your own handwriting and sounded just like you.

Let me know your thoughts. What is your favorite letter you’ve received?

Guest Blog Post from
Rachel Rodriguez
LGMG Account Exec.

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  2. The rarity of the personal note makes them stand out even more! And what on earth will future historians do without letters to provide a glimpse into our modern lives? You are right on in your differentiation between “personal” and “personalized.”

    I am trying to revive the art of note-writing too, both personal and professional. Readers will find tips on my blog (, especially on the Notewriting tab.

    Thank you for reminding people how important note- and letter-writing is!

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  4. This is so accurate! I attended a leadership conference where the keynote spoker preached the value and sentiment of hand-written notes. It adds a nice touch. That’s why servers add that “thank you” at the end of your bill to encourage a bigger tip. It’s great CRM.