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How do you win a client over?

How do you win a client over?

A few weeks ago, we pitched a bank for their marketing programs.

Since most of our clients have been with my agency since we were on Madison Avenue in New York City… I was thinking I was a bit “rusty” in presenting to them.

I always do a lot of research first.

So, I went into massive “preparation mode”, and did my homework on the bank…even went into three different branches. I was being a “mystery shopper”, though I already had accounts there.

I looked at their collateral materials and their mail campaigns and their social media programs. Their website really needed help. It was not memorable, or user-friendly. It also didn’t even mention business accounts, though the clients all said that was their major objective for this year.

Reviewed their competitors materials and checked out their social media programs.

Then I met with my creative brain trust.

We have a Creative Strategy Man here who always comes up with big ideas. He did in this case, as he had for three other banks we’d worked for in New York. It is a breakthrough idea and all of a sudden everyone in my office was getting excited.

My art director was drawing ideas, my account person was figuring out how it would work…and Voila! We had three great concepts.

We knew we’d “wow” them.

We went into the presentation with adrenalin pumping! We were so excited about the possibilities of our breakthrough approach. We even worked out a pro forma projection on the response we’d be getting, and then how they might re-invest the money in future programs.

Then we got the sad call.

The Marketing Director called me back last Wednesday, and said that they thought our program was great, but too complicated for him to understand. He’d decided to go with a graphic arts studio that would use one particular color throughout the campaign.

My thoughts….

Somehow, a tag-line popped into my head, as I hung up the phone. It was for Syms Clothing, and it was “an educated consumer is our best customer”. We didn’t get that bank and maybe thankfully so. The next one may understand marketing better, and be results-oriented. I can’t wait to meet that group!

In the meantime, here are the lessons I learned:

1.Listen hard to what the client wants, not what you think will bring the best results.
2. Discuss the ideas along the way with the client, prior to the presentation.
3. Have another program in mind for an easy way for you to begin working together. It can be as simple as some creative changes to their current programs.

Let me know about your most effective presentations for new business. Please post some comments.

So I like Twitter, but what does it do for me?

So I like Twitter, but what does it do for me?

I once sent out a tweet that asked how many of my followers read the newspaper every day. A few told me they read it online, and one lady tweeted she reads her Pennysaver every week.

That is a scary thought for me, because I get nervous when people don’t read. Most of all, I feel sick to my stomach when I think people aren’t curious about things going on in the world, or new ideas, or innovations. Just plain curious is good.

Blank white page 170x221twitter-press-copy

Twitter is great that way. If there is breaking news, someone is always tweeting about it, and I hear it first on my Tweetdeck. I can also test all kinds of things on Twitter:

1. Ask people about something, with a link to show it (people read tweets with links).

2. Ask for advice. Recently I was throwing my new iMac into the ocean as I couldn’t get it to work because the monitor showed vertical colored lines. As soon as I tweeted about it, 5 or 6 people told me the computer was dead period. Take it back to the store.

3. I make friends on Twitter with people who share my point of view. Many people who I’ve had conversations with on Twitter have come to visit us, or called me, and when I visit a city…I get many invitations for coffee and lunch to meet in person.

4. For business, because of the huge numbers of people on Twitter, I can do a tweet and invite people to come to our Facebook page and enter a contest. They do come and then I can send them to a website to sign up for a newsletter (and get their email addresses).

5. If I want to find people who are lawyers on Twitter, I can go to twitter.search.com or simply press #lawyers and find all lawyer mentioned in the last 10 minutes or an hour.

The opportunities are endless to use Twitter as the driver to take people to your website, or blog, or E-zine. It’s got great possibilities…and I’m sure you’ll think of new ones for your business!