Gratitude: Good for the Soul

Gratitude: Good for the Soul

Chicken Card

You might remember the amazing “chickens” Christmas card my friend Donald Sexauer designed for our office a couple of years back. Or maybe the painting of our office building. He’s always doing stuff like that.


He’s a retired teacher and every year he grows more creative – and generous. A few months ago, while he was cooking what would be a great dinner, I strolled through is garden, taking iPhone photos of some of his extraordinary flowers, especially the orchids. I emailed him the shots and more or less forgot about them.

Until my birthday


Donald came over with a beautifully- wrapped birthday present: 8 miniature works of art on canvas. They were all expressionist paintings, each a version of one of the flower photos I’d emailed him.


How to frame them? Amazon to the rescue. In no time, I found the perfect multiframe. It arrived in a large box and, alas, one of the glass “windows” was broken. I emailed the company (because the e-address was on the packing slip) and told them I’d send it back. They said to keep it and a new one was on the way. It arrived three days later. The company, Adorama, has a friend for life. I do Adore them, and have already referred them to friends in New York who buy frames.

I’m grateful to Donald for making me such a beautiful gift. I love it. And I’m grateful to Adorama for replacing the frame so quickly and without any problem. And now I’m telling the world. Gratitude feels good.

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  1. Good to see that this was your Adorama experience, Lois – and thank you for sharing!

    BTW LOVE the paintings – my hobby is painting water-color flowers, but can only dream of getting to this level……..

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador